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Marrakech Urban Adventures enriches all the senses- a destination so close to Europe, yet so foreign and different!  A beautiful pink city set amongst the snowcapped peaks of the Atlas Mountains, step back in time on a Marrakech tour and explore life in the medina as it has been for hundreds of years.  Let our local guides ensure you get a unique insight into their home communities on one of our Marrakech tours.

Tour Marrakech
and wander through the markets full of colourful spices and watch the jugglers, acrobats and storytellers at Djemma El Fna Square. Check out other exciting Urban Adventures in our other partner destinations like Istanbul, London, and Rome

Tajine Cookery Class, Marrakech tour Tajine Cookery Class
from 9 reviews
From EUR 52.00

Receive a Moroccan masterclass on this Marrakech tour that will send you home with supreme, inside knowledge of tajine making and the delicate art of market haggling. Smug home cook alert!


Medina, Palaces & Tombs, Marrakech tour Medina, Palaces & Tombs
from 10 reviews
From EUR 36.00

With alleys within alleys, and lane ways that lead nowhere, navigating Marrakech's medina alone is a one-way ticket to Planet Frustration. Join this Marrakech tour to see it all, minus the sweaty confusion and language fails!


A Taste of Marrakech: Inside the Medina, Marrakech tour A Taste of Marrakech: Inside the Medina
from 5 reviews
From EUR 49.00

Want to get to know Moroccan food better? Like a local? Then look no further! This Marrakech food tour will get you up close and personal with the food scene in this exciting city. Wander through the souks, sampling olives, dried fruits, nuts, pastries, and other Moroccan specialities. Visit a local spice market and hear how spices are used in Moroccan dishes, see the mouth-watering variety of food on offer in the iconic Djemaa El-Fna, and dig in to a traditional dinner amongst the spectacular sights of this world heritage square. Can it get any better?


 Essaouira Insider,  Marrakech tour Essaouira Insider
From EUR 83.00

Give yourself a real dose of daily local life on this Essaouira tour that takes you through souks, to the fishing port, and up onto the ramparts of this mesmerising Moroccan city. With pastries at the start and grilled fish towards the end, you’ll be in for a food-culture-food sandwich that you’ll remember for a long, long time.


Shopping Secrets of the Medina, Marrakech tour Shopping Secrets of the Medina
From EUR 23.00

Moroccan shopping doesn’t have to be a mystery — all you really need to master the medina is a local to show you how it’s done! Visit hidden stalls, shop for real-deal souvenirs like leather, lamps, shoes, carpets, spices, and argan oil, and learn to haggle like a true Marrakech insider. Bonus: we’ve even scored a few exclusive discounts just for this tour. 


Shopping Secrets of the Medina - Private tour, Marrakech tour Shopping Secrets of the Medina - Private tour
From EUR 53.00

Moroccan shopping doesn’t have to be a mystery — all you really need to master the medina is a local to show you how it’s done! On this private tour, you'll visit hidden stalls, shop for real-deal souvenirs like leather, lamps, shoes, carpets, spices, and argan oil, and learn to haggle like a true Marrakech insider. Bonus: we’ve even scored a few exclusive discounts just for you. 


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Ms. Anne M.
09 Apr 2015
Our guide for the Marrakesh Walking Tour was Mustapha. He was very friendly, entertaining, knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions about Morocco, its history and culture. Excellent.
Mrs. Juliane S.
04 Jan 2015
Thoroughly enjoyable experience. Karima was an excellent teacher and guide, and we really enjoyed the cooking class.
Mr. Corinne B.
11 Oct 2014
We did the Medina, Palace and Museum Tour in Marrakech. Our guide (Mustapha) war very knowledge and friendly. He gives us good advise and takes our wishes too see other things we want too know or see into the tour. I will definitely do this again!
Ms. Lauren C.
23 Sep 2014
Karima was a lovely host. I loved going to her home, the market, learning some Arabic words and of course the amazing results of our cooking project was delicious.
Ms. Karen M.
13 Sep 2014
Our guide was VERY informative and answered our questions without hesitation. Especially wak=lking through the Medina, we got to see things that we know that if we were on our own, we would have never experienced.
Ms. Christine G.
01 Aug 2014
Mustafa was great!
Ms. Jane M.
United Kingdom
16 Jun 2014
I had such a fantastic time!!! I took this cookery course on the next day I arrived - it's the perfect way to "get into" Marrakech. Karima's personality and encouragement to buy our ingredients at the market and then cook an amazing meal, was just perfect. I felt so at ease. The food was soooo tasty! I would recommend this tour/course to everyone, those new and those who know Marrakech well. وشكرا لكم Karima! Hope you're good and enjoying the sunshine!
Ms. Frances A.

23 May 2014
Mustafa is fantastic. We have been on many food tours and he is one if the best guides we've had. His knowledge was amazing and he was very friendly. I really learned a lot about Moroccan food and the culture.
Mr. andrea g.
13 May 2014
Exceeded our expectations! Fabulous orientation to all aspects of life in Marrakech! We not only experienced the smells and tastes, we learned so much about food, cooking and the culture. Our guide was so knowledgeable! We had so much fun on the tour and will definitely recommend it on trip advisor and to anyone traveling to Marrakech!
Mrs. gail l.
24 Apr 2014
Our guide had a wonderful sense of humor and was very knowledgeable about the history of our destinations. I really appreciate that he was sensitive to the fact that the 90'+ temperature was exhausting so he grabbed a taxi for us instead of the long scheduled walk to the photography museum-at no extra charge! That left us with enough energy to enjoy our stroll through the souqs!

Welcome to Marrakech

The Marrakech Urban Adventure team are knowledgeable & passionate about their home town - the "Red City". From the bustling souks of the medina, to the palaces and monuments, the tajines, mint tea and cous cous to all of those 'out of the way' places that few tourists get to see.


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Responsible Travel with Urban Adventures

At Urban Adventures, we firmly believe local travel is one of the best ways we can support responsible tourism. In fact, we believe it so strongly that we’ve made it our entire business! All our tours are run by local experts, not some faceless corporate team located halfway around the world with no sense of the local vibe.

We craft our tours to ensure every traveller has authentic interactions with local people, businesses, transportation, and food and drink. Local travel gives you the opportunity to experience a destination as locals do, and has the potential to impact you in ways you never imagined. In short: local is awesome.

As a responsible travel company, we promise to:

  • Use locally owned infrastructure on our tours whenever possible.
  • Spread the financial benefits amongst local people and operators.
  • Provide employment and leadership opportunities for local people.
  • Respect local customs and culture.
  • Provide safe tours for Urban Adventure partners, staff, and travellers.
  • Educate travellers and our partners about how and why we choose to travel this way.
  • Limit any negative impact to the daily lifestyles of local people.
  • Limit any physical impact on natural and cultural environments.
  • Provide support to organisations and local communities.
  • Provide opportunities for travellers to interact with local people.
  • Actively ban partners, staff, and passenger participation in or endorsement of commercial sexual activities or illegal drug use on Urban Adventures tours.
  • Work to prevent the exploitation of children in tourism.
  • Actively discourage participation in activities that exploit animals.
  • Use local partners that adhere to Urban Adventures' responsible travel principles.
  • Support and encourage fair employment practices.
  • Give our travellers the best possible value.
  • Have fun!

As a traveller, we ask that you keep the following in mind:

  • People: Be mindful of the local citizens, and seek understanding through shared experiences. Consider their customs and values while in their homeland, and when in doubt, ask your guide for advice.
  • Environment: Be mindful of the local environment, and act with conservation and sustainability in mind. Follow local guidelines, as recommended by your guide, and make proactive decisions on your own.
  • Culture: When travelling to other cultures, remember that not everyone's customs are the same as yours at home. Be respectful, and be mindful of openly questioning a customary practice, even if you disagree with it. Try to understand from their perspective. You may learn something! Your guide will be an excellent point of reference here, so check with them if you're unsure.
  • Economy: Make every effort to use local businesses and put your tourism dollars in the right (local) pocket. We use local vendors and businesses, and your guide will be able to advise you on the best ways to support the local economy.

For more suggestions on how to be a responsible traveller check out our top 12 responsible travel tips, or check out what our friends at Intrepid have to say.